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Overgrown bushes and shrubbery can really affect the look and value of your home. Maintain a clean and welcoming landscape with help from Palm Tree Trimming and More. We offer seasonal bush trimming, demossing, and edging services in the Jacksonville, FL and surrounding areas.

If your landscape could use a little TLC, trust our team to make it look great again. Call 904-343-1527 today to plan your bush trimming and edging service.

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Here at Palm Tree Trimming and More, we also do small ornamental trees like Crepe Myrtles, Bradford Pears, and Ligustrum bushes, that have grown out of your typical landscaper's abilities to trim or maintain. For pricing help for your next project, please reference our pricing page

From your crepe myrtles to your burning bushes, our experts know how to properly trim and prune your shrubbery. You can trust us to cut back dead undergrowth, prune heavy branches and smooth out the edges to keep your shrubs looking tidy and growing properly.

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What is Demossing, and Do I Need It?

Moss grows all over the place in Florida, and to a certain point adds some flare to trees. But there is definitely a tipping point at which it becomes a problem. The moss that grows in trees can sometimes damage the tree. When it gets wet, it can put a lot of pressure on the branches. Once the Moss has increased in size and number it can prevent the tree from getting the necessary sunlight it needs in order to survive. We offer demossing services to deal with this.