Here at Palm Tree Trimming and More, we want to be as convenient as possible. So we have laid out our price points for 1-3 years of foliage that needs trimming on our average customers' palm trees. As well as other services, we provide stump grinding, Ornamental trimming, and Moss removal.

When our crew leaders come out odds are our price doesn't need to be changed as long as photos are provided to give accurate pricing beforehand.

Cabbage Palm/Sable Palm

$55-$75 (Per Palm)

Canary Palm

$75-$150 (Per Palm)

Queen Palm

$45-$65 (Per Palm)

Washingtonia/ Mexican Fan Palm

$65-$200 (Per Palm)

Phoenix Sylvester Palm

$125-$200 (Per Palm)

Pindo/Jelly Palm

$50-$125 (Per Palm)

Pygmy Date Palm

$25 Per Palm


$25-$250 (price per plant)

Crepe Myrtle

$25-$200 (per plant)

Palm removal

$25 a foot

Stump Grinding

$5 an in or $150 min

Stumps are measured by the root flare. Please reference photo for pricing

Saddle and Ladder

$125 per palm

Saddle and Ladder service when equipment cannot be used is $125 per palm. Due to safety requirements and insurance. We charge a little bit more for when our equipment can't make it safe and easy.

Trim and Drop Service

$35 Per Palm

$35 Trim and Drop Service No Clean Up